Blessed Bernardina was born on August 5, 1878. At the age of 18, she entered the Congregation founded by St. Albert Chmielowski, to serve the poorest of the poor and the most abandoned. She was marked by a special devotion to the Most Holy Eucharist and by extraordinary goodness
toward others. Together with St. Albert, she is venerated as the Co-Foundress of the Congregation of Albertine Sisters. She died on September 23, 1940 in Kraków. On
June 6, 1997 the Supreme Pontiff, Pope John Paul II, enrolled her in the ranks of the Blesse.
"Let us do good to all"

From the selected writings of Sister Bernardina Maria Jabłońska, Kraków 1988, pp. 27, 29

Let us do good to all

We must bind everything together, if we wish to derive profit from something: ears of corn, trees, flowers, and in general whatever we wish to keep intact, we must bind together, and the stronger the band is, the more securely will the things we have gathered be maintained.
Such is the way that love of neighbor (works). If it is lacking in the soul, the virtues that have been gathered are scattered, for what good would be served by mercy, hard work, obedience, and the like, if love be lacking. God has given us a great many opportunities to love our neighbor, so therefore, let not even the slightest fragment slip away.
Let us fulfill the works of Jesus, His labors, sufferings, charity, meekness, and divine tears, and especially His mercy on the afflictions of body and spirit in our neighbors. Suffering and hardship will give way, yet mercy will move forward. “Jesus went among the people doing good to all.” O, with what sweetness my soul is filled, when these words spoken about Christ come to mind!
I would like to fulfill every request, wipe away every tear, and console every troubled soul with a kind word, to be good at all times to everyone, and do the very best for those who are the most unfortunate. The suffering of my neighbor is my own.
O Jesus, may I not live for myself – pour out my soul on all the valleys of human misery. Fill it with Your goodness and mercy, and grant me the grace that I may, through that same goodness and mercy, take Your place here, in this valley of tears, doing good to all.
O Jesus, dwelling at the right hand of the Father and in our souls, enkindle in my soul the fire of Your love and hunger for Your glory. Let me work without rest, and let me gaze upon Your delight and the great glory revealed in all the works of Your hand.
Such is my desire: lo love, to suffer, to sacrifice; to commit myself to God in everything, to trust Him without limit, to be hidden and forgotten, following after Jesus from His Manger to the Cross.
May His labors, sufferings, and tears serve to sanctify us, so that that we might pass through this world doing good to all.
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to obtain favors through the intercession of Blessed Sister Bernardina

Lord Jesus Christ, who deigned to form the heart of Blessed Sister Bernardina according to the image of Your Divine Heart, full of love and goodness, and gave her a great sensitivity to human needs, hunger, and suffering, grant me through her intercession the favor of............... which I humbly ask of you in this novena.

Our Father .......
Hail Mary .............
Glory be ...........
Blessed Sister Bernardina, pray for us!


Almighty and merciful God, who for our salvation allowed your only begotten Son to be delivered up to mocking, scourging and crowning with thorns; * help us to embrace what he taught us by His Passion * and so gain a share in His Resurrection. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, * who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, * one God, forever and ever.